Reopus Ignition

Dedicated to the Lucas OPUS Ignition amplifier originally fitted to Jaguar V12 (pre 1982)
Aston Martin V8, and Cosworth V8 engines.


Welcome to Reopus Ignition

The Lucas OPUS ignition amplifier type AB3 was fitted to the V12 Jaguar and Daimler from 1971 to 1981. The Aston Martin V8's, Cosworth engines plus other performance cars and racing cars in the late 60’s until early 1980.

 “REOPUS” = The REplacement OPUS Ignition Amplifiers were manufactured from 2005 until December 2016.

The REOPUS 3 and 4 amplifiers replaced the Lucas OPUS amplifier circuit board in the Lucas OPUS AB3 alloy case and used the original Lucas OPUS Pickup.

Owing to increasing problems with the original Lucas OPUS pickup, manufacture of the REOPUS 3 and 4 amplifiers were discontinued during 2012.

The REOPUS 4 was replaced by the “REOPUS H Amplifier and a new REOPUS H Pickup "Hall effect". 

 The REOPUS H system replaces both of the Lucas OPUS amplifier and the original Lucas OPUS pickup.

In December 2016 I decided to SEMI-retire so there are no more new REOPUS H amplifiers.

However I will continue to repair existing REOPUS H Amplifiers and REOPUS H pickups.

I will upgrade existing REOPUS 3 and 4 amplifiers to work with the REOPUS H pickup.

The improvement when using the REOPUS H pickup system is without doubt worth the cost.

The Lucas OPUS amplifiers are not repairable. We no longer offer technical support for them.

Contact REOPUS for a quotation.